Above and Below

My latest solo art show is now up in the Clemens Gallery at the Whitney Center in St. Cloud. It’s called “Above and Below” – referring to images Above sea level, and Below it. The Clemens Gallery is the big wall to the left of the big common area in Whitney. Location: Click here. On exhibit through the end of January. Comments on the show so far mainly revolve around the idea that these paintings are so colorful. I agree, but I don’t know when I’ve ever seen an art show that wasn’t colorful. Isn’t paint really just color in a tube? I don’t even know how to make a painting that isn’t color-ful. The good news about lots of color is that color uplifts peoples’ moods and usually for the better, so at the Whitney Center, this is a great boost to the people there. This show isn’t necessarily themed other than the basic idea of Above and Below sea level. I’m thinking a lot about sea level now because I love the ocean, and because I’ve just started reading “Hawaii“. The beginning of the book discusses how the earth and ocean began millions of years ago, and it’s made me think of the ocean even more than usual.

And for more inspiration, I often go back to my photos from my trip to Central America last year. That’s what some ofthe paintings in this show are based on. Two paintings are of corals that are based on explorer/photographer Charles Dayton’s photos. Two others are based on my own photos from Roatan, Honduras, and Belize. [Not a valid template]