Water Flows and Gets Polluted


Water Flows is an abstract painting about the ocean and oil spill pollution. The BP oil spill was the worst recent offender, but the infamous Exxon Valdez (recently noting its 25th anniversary) also did unbelievable, on-going damage to the water and the environment in Alaska 25 years ago. Water Flows recently appeared in The Nation magazine.

I am compelled to paint topics about the environment because I have an awareness of what people are doing to this planet and I want others to be aware of these things too.  I believe the people of this world are using too many resources and polluting everything (and killing far too much wildlife) in the process.  Most of the damage is unintended, but it occurs just because we humans rule the world and feel that entitlement is deserved. As my favorite doomsmonger asks, I also wonder, “Is this all humans are? Diminutive monsters of death and destruction?” (an article by George Monbiot).

What we know for certain is that people are busy polluting the world’s water supplies, whether it’s fresh water or ocean water, and there is  no end in sight. BP, Shell, Exxon and other oil companies don’t seem to care much about our natural resources, so they just keep drilling and spilling in every body of water that’s in the way of their oil and profits.  Another major oil spill in the Gulf just happened the other day, near Texas oil refineries. And now, more than ever, the oil drilling is supported by our government and even the EPA.

I did several abstracts last summer about the environment, and you can see them in my galleries on this site.  Here is one of them.