This Artist is Moving out of Minnesota

Pumpkin Beach, acrylic on canvas
Pumpkin Beach, acrylic on canvas

I’m moving south.  Currently, I live in St. Cloud Minnesota.  It’s a small city without a lot of art opportunities, especially for painters. There are very few galleries,  (are there any?) and the most popular kind of art in the area tends to be pottery and ceramics.

We are not close enough to the Twin Cities for them to be a big artistic influence here, unfortunately. So I’m happy to announce that I’ll be moving to a big city in the south soon. The real reason for that is due to my husband’s new job in Atlanta, GA.  Lucky for me his new job will open up opportunities for me! Atlanta has  a sophisticated and world-influenced art scene and I can’t wait to be part of it.

So, I’m trying to sell some paintings before I move. I have a lot of them.  If you find yourself in the central Minnesota area and want an original piece of art done by me, now is the best time ever for you to get one. Starting now most of my artwork is “on sale”, and I would like to sell much of it before I move. I’m especially concerned about traveling with the watercolors that I have framed under glass. I highly doubt they will survive a 1,100 mile move in a big truck no matter how carefully I pack them.  I could de-glass everything but that would take a long time, and we will be moving in less than two months. There is a lot to do. So right here on this website, please check out my watercolors and consider buying.

In fact, hatever you see that you might like to buy, please make me an offer using this email: and I promise to consider (nearly)* all offers.  If you live in the St. Cloud, Minnesota area and can pick up the art work all the better. I don’t have any way to ship watercolors under glass so if you want to buy a watercolor and have me ship it, I’ll have to remove it from the glass first! We can negotiate whether or not you want the frame, but I will not have time before our move to replace all the real glass with plexiglass.  That means I’m selling everything at a big discount for your trouble of getting glass replaced yourself.

I really don’t want to move with all of this art so please make me an offer.  I will not be able to deliver it to your home or city. Buyers will have to come in to St. Cloud or pay for shipping.

I will also be having some kind of sale before I move that will include a big art sale in my home, after the furniture is out, if you want to wait for that.  I would announce that here and maybe on Facebook.

By all means don’t wait too long to request a particular painting. I will not be in any more Minnesota shows or art fairs (after my current shows are over). Anything you see on this website, or anything you think I may have that you want, get in touch with me now.

What I do not sell will be going with me,  so please don’t think you can wait until the very end and I will give it to you for nothing… that will not happen. (I know how “discount oriented” people in this area are. That’s one reason I’m moving. )

St. Cloud is a frustrating place for an artist to live, as I came to find out. There is little room to be experimental and original here and not be looked at as “strange” (or something similar), because most painters here are representational, and most of the locals find any art that is not representational to be beyond their ability to understand.  (I will never forget a woman who said one of my paintings was “a mess” because she did not know anything about art and couldn’t process what she was seeing.  That’s like an English speaker going to Mexico and calling the local language “a mess” because the English speaker only speaks English,  and has no desire to learn Spanish at all.)

For a lot of artists, including me, the local situation is stifling and the local lack of knowledge and curiosity about art — especially different kinds of painting —  is nearly unbearable.  Even worse is that many people in St. Cloud think paying $50 for an original painting is “too expensive”.  I’m not kidding about that whatsoever. In fact, change 50 to $25.  During the last art crawl, a women offered me $25 for a small original painting. Because I’m trying to sell a lot before I move — and because the painting was pretty small  —  I accepted her offer.  Her response?

“Oh . . . . I should have gone lower.”

I will consider nearly all offers, like I said above, but please do not offer me $25 for anything but my opinion or advice. I will give that to you for free.