Things Left Behind


I have this nice art gallery website in the Artspan network of artist websites. It’s basically for more exposure for my artwork, but it’s also very nice because you can order prints of the original artwork that I have listed there for sale. You can get prints in many different sizes based on the size of the original on my Artspan site. Check it out here.

I just added this painting “Things Left Behind“, pictured above, to the Artspan site.  This is an abstract painting suggesting flowers, on a blue field. The colors are not too vibrant, like a year-old memory. The painting is, in part, an homage to the orange roses I left behind at my old home, when I moved to Georgia. In fact, now that it’s spring, I’m thinking of all the flowerbeds I left behind in Minnesota. I had spent several years planting what was contained on my old yard. Just two years ago I planted some beautiful peonies that I had wanted for so long. I had rose bushes, a flowerbed in the front yard, and at least two in the back yard, and a small herb garden, and two more flowerbeds behind the garage that faces the ally. That yard, and my flowers, is what I miss most about my old house.  Now I’m in a new state and many of the plants here are different and strange to me. Mostly, I’m missing the ones I planted myself, up north.

Ironically I don’t really paint paintings of flowers, and I never have.  But, I often add flowers in an impressionistic way (or an abstract way) to paintings without really meaning to, and this one kind of developed that way too. It was really an accident, or some subconscious sadness, and when I was finished with it, I thought, damn, I really miss my flowers in Minnesota. So I might be making more of these.

This painting is unframed, on gallery-wrapped canvas. I hope to be exhibiting it in Marietta during the art walks or the art markets that I’ll be in this summer.