Studio, Before and After

What a transformation! My art studio in my home is now finished, and being used. I moved across the country about 2 months ago, and had this space seen below to work with for a studio when we moved into the house:
Studio Before copy
And here is the nearly finished result:

NewStudio Med

It’s far better than what I had in my house in Minnesota, and also better but about the same size as the art studio that I had downtown in St. Cloud, MN. The new one is better because the floor is concrete and there is no carpet to ruin, and though it has no windows, it is very well lit. There are also no loud students making a ton of noise down the hall or on the floor above me, like there was in my studio downtown. I can play music or whatever as loud as I want too.

I painted the paneled walls an off-white, and it has a great storage closet now that those closet doors were removed. It’s also only a few steps from the driveway where I can load up my car with paintings to ship or show in art exhibits. All in all, it’s not quite my “dream studio” (that one would be 3X as big with windows) but it’s a great light and positive creative space with just enough room. And I have more storage space outside of it in the rest of the lower level of my house.