Rio On Pools

This is based on a photo I took in Belize at the Rio On Pools area of southern Belize. It’s a hard place to find, but once you are there, it’s worth it. The water is warm and the pools are fast flowing and dangerous in spots, but it’s a great place to swim or just relax. This is a watercolor on paper, and the original is for sale. You can also get prints.

Belize is a place I have loved to visit probably more than any other place and I think it’s safe to say I’d love to live there… since the main language is English, it wouldn’t be that difficult, even though it’s between Mexico and Guatemala.  I have taken hundreds of photos in Belize and if I could focus on one painting focus at all, it would be watercolors of central America. That’s not such a bad idea, is it.  The country is full of scenes like this, and the weather is so unbelievably, wonderfully warm. To this Minnesota woman who freezes easily, that just sounds like heaven, even if it rains a lot (and it does have a rainy season).

I wonder how rainy seasons affect framed watercolors . . . if at all.