Realization Man Painting Part of Environmental Art Series


This painting is called Realization. It’s a painting of a moment in time. “Man” (in the broad sense) has realized his utter failure to live in harmony with nature. Nature is symbolized by a windy, chaotic, hot surrounding atmosphere. Man has ruined his environment and things have now gotten to the point where he realizes his failure. Whether “Man” will now act after his realization is yet to be determined. Nothing is certain, and everything at this point in time, (the present) is still up in the air. This painting is part of my humans vs. environment sub-series that I have been working on since 2012. (You can see more of these paintings in the Environment gallery.)

As usual in these paintings that are a part of this series, there is a lot of drama, both obvious and implied, and it’s up to the viewer to write the rest of the story. For that matter, the viewer can make up the story entirely for all I care. I know what the painting means, but I would not tell others not to see their own stories in it.

Realization is 12″ x 24″, one of my favorite sizes because it can be paired with others of the same size for a synchronous display.  This one, for example, would look great hung next to Navigante or Promised Land for an environmental statement. (All are the same size).

This painting is acrylic on panel, and will be framed.