Positive Changes

I’m making positive changes in my life and moving out of the central Minnesota area was a big one. There are others. For example, I’m going to be a lot more picky about how I spend my time on social media.

There is just no real reason to spend time on Facebook anymore. I went from liking to hating Facebook in less than two years, and I suspect this is the experience many people have had. I was once told that it was a good place to market art, but that’s not true. I found out that buying ads on Facebook to garner more “likes” leaves you with far less exposure than you are led to believe. In addition, Facebook does not deliver your posts the way that Twitter, etc., do, to everyone (to the public). Instead, they literally “hide” your posts from the newsfeed in order to encourage you to “boost” (paying them, of course) your posting. It’s not worth any more of my time, and it’s probably not worth your time either. Artists have a lot of places to promote their art online. I encourage all artists to have their own website. And by the way, I make websites for artists and photographers with professional graphics and designs. While you are pondering that, watch and read the following. The information under his video on Youtube is really worth reading also.

Leaving Facebook is just one of the positive changes I am making in my life and my art career this year. Now that I am finally living in a house in northern Atlanta, where I have just moved, I am working on my new, if small, art studio. And I’m in the process of getting used to this new environment and climate. It’s extremely humid in the Atlanta area, so drying times of thick layers of paint, for example, are going to be affected by the climate.

Meanwhile you, can find me on Twitter and Google+, but I promised myself that I won’t spend as much time on those platforms as I used to waste on Facebook. I’m also on Linkedin, but I find it hard to have much enthusiasm for that site because it’s based on lists of accomplishments, awards, resumes, etc. That’s not really stuff that fascinates me. I intend to increase my art exposure using more useful and visual-oriented things like Instagram and Pinterest, instead. Look for those links here on my website, if not today, then soon!

Below is my new art studio, the “Before” picture. Luckily I won’t just have this, I will also be able to work in my back yard because now it won’t be buried under two feet of snow for 6 months of the year!

"Before" picture of my studio.
“Before” picture of my studio.