Paramount Art Show “Rivers”

My painting “Where Water Meets Sky” was juried into the Rivers art show at the new Paramount Gallery in St. Cloud. This will be my last St. Cloud art show since I’m moving south.  I also have several paintings in the Universal Concepts Art show at the Rivers’s Edge Convention Center, in 3 display cases there. I am also currently in the members art show at the Hopkins Center for the Arts in Hopkins, Minnesota, through May 11th.

The public is invited to the Rivers reception on April 10th, 6-8 at the Paramount gallery at 913 West St. Germain Street, St. Cloud, MN.  Come and see Where Water Meets Sky and the other intriguing art in this show.  Details are below.

The River art show will feature the art of many local artists and however they interpret the theme. I interpreted it by making an environmental statement: The canvas is recycled. The frame is recycled. The canvas is from a painting I did literally when I was a teenager and painted a scene out of National Geographic magazine. It turned out good enough that my sister bought it, then years later returned it to my parent’s house. It was one of the few paintings my parents liked, so they didn’t destroy it. Lucky me, that meant I could reuse the canvas. (most of my earlier paintings stored at their house met a mysterious fate of “disappearance”).  This new painting shows an environment in a state of beautiful chaos.  The water looks a little strange and behaves a little strange; the sky looks even stranger. Changes are happening to our earth, water and sky but we might be overlooking them while we enjoy the view.

I used acrylic paint, swirled and poured onto a big canvas.  Part of the process for this painting was based on fear. I started it about 3 months ago, liked the bottom coat of paint quite a bit, and I was very scared of ruining it. So I didn’t do anything to it for the next two months except think about it.  I even dreamed about it. One day I got brave enough to pour more paint on it but let me tell you, I felt like I would ruin it for sure.  That makes no sense, because this is acrylic paint. I was terribly worried anyway. The paint cooperated for the most part, so I didn’t ruin it and it turned out about like I hoped it would.  However, the pouring technique involved tipping and moving the canvas up and down and around quite a bit. Part of my fear involved doing this is in a small room where there really wasn’t any room to do this. The room is part of my current “studio” but it’s really just a small room, with a big piece of carpet (which was sacrificed for this painting).

It was hard to move something so large around in a small space but somehow I managed. When I looked at it the next day I was inordinately happy at how it had turned out. My house is not totally level, and in this case, that worked for me instead of against me. The paint had run and dried in a way that looked organically like water flowing and didn’t appear “painted”. But yes it was as deliberate at it can be under these circumstances.

Since this is my last St. Cloud art show it was nice to be included in this juried show with something I did that was large and makes a statement.