New Environmental and Watercolor Art Shows

I’m a part of an art group called Universal Concepts Art for short (Artists United by Universal Concepts long version).

Universal Concepts Art will be a big stop on this week’s Art Crawl in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Stop by Pioneer Place on 5th in downtown St. Cloud to see our work in the Veranda Lounge.


The art crawl date is November 8th, from 5:00 – 9:00 pm. All members will be exhibiting work in this art show and it will be on display throughout the winter.

The other art show I’m a part of is at the Paramount Lobby Gallery in downtown St. Cloud. I have two paintings in this show, both watercolors, because the show is with the Central Minnesota Watercolorists group that I belong to.

The Universal Concepts show should should be varied and interesting to everyone because our work is mixed media; paintings, photos and more, and covers a lot of ground.

We started this art group due to environmental concerns and the intent was to bring together artists who do environmental art work.

I am finding that this interpretation is very broad for artists and includes far more than I initially thought. For instance, some artists do recycled art where the finished product is made of recycled materials but the end result isn’t really an environmental image or thing. There is a lot of abstraction in this group also.

One of the artists has done painting with a stick she found on the ground, and considers that environmental art work.

My definitions of environmental art are different, I have to admit. I think that “environmental art” should have an environmental message in the finished product but maybe I’m being too literal. What do you think? It is something we continue to discuss as a group.

I prefer to stick to using non-recycled paint for now but I could see using recycled materials in the future. On the other hand, I know of other artists who do a lot of art with recycled materials and don’t consider themselves environmental artists at all. So in the end it seems to be up to the artist and how they want to define their work. Abstract artists of course do whatever they want and we have abstract art in this show also. It can be confusing to some people but it will make a very eclectic and varied art show that will cause a lot of thinking, and that is the best outcome any artist could ask for.

It remains to be seen whether this common environmental art thread, which is really only an idea, can actually support an art group. We already have other exhibits planned for 2014 so stayed tuned to see how it turns out. The group’s website (which I designed) is at