Molecular Level

MolecularLevelWEB This painting is titled “Molecular Level” and is a new painting done in  June, 2015. It’s done with acrylic and some special Pebeo paints that create textures, painted on archival painting panel. It is framed in a dark blue frame, and is now for sale for $350. ($55 shipping).  It is for sale now on my eBay store too.

Several people at the last Marietta Art Walk stopped to admire it, but no one bought it for the special one night only price of $95, so it is now at full price. That is the danger of waiting and not buying it when you see it, (the price always goes up online). If I still have it at the end of June it will travel with me to the Old Fourth Ward Art Fair in Atlanta, along with a lot more new art no one has seen in person yet.

More about the Marietta Art Walk coming soon.