International Womens Day

March 8th was International Women’s Day and my city had a celebration of it for the first time ever.  Hundreds of people gathered at Bethlehem Church in St. Cloud for a night of presentations, food and art to celebrate. There was a small art exhibit — very small, pictured here.  Next year the exhibit will be larger, but it was small this year because the organizers put together the event in a matter of weeks.

My painting “Freedom” was in the exhibit, (on the left in the image) and I also donated a painting (a girl in front of a garden door) which was bid on and sold, the proceeds going to a local women’s charity. There were very interesting presentations, including a talk on providing water to people in Africa, violence against women, and dancing kids called the “LA Dancers”. All for a good cause! It’s great to meet other activist artists in the area, they are my kind of people.