Inspiration for Environmental Art


My inspiration for doing environmentally themed art is thanks to many people. One is James Hansen, former head climate scientist of NASA and many other climate scientists who have been speaking out more and more each year. Another inspiration for action and a source of information is Peter Sinclair, who makes videos called “Climate Denial Crock of the Week”. One of many inspirations for the art is Banksy, (activist art) and another is Heleen Cornet, who does paintings of the rainforest, and another is Alexis Rockman. A big impetus for “doing something” though, has to be my Congresswoman, Michele Bachman. Remember this?

It’s hard not to be inspired by that, though it was an “angry inspired”. This congressman has done more damage to the planet as a case of Roundup or a year’s emissions from a Hummer by her public dismissal of a hugely important issue. People don’t know enough about climate change and environmental issues, and she’s out there saying “don’t worry about it”! Read on for more. . . .

A few years ago, she held what she billed as an “informational” public event in my city, to tell her district about climate change. Her analysis consisted of bringing in a guy from the Heritage Foundation (Chris Horner) who’s a professional climate change denier. He told the large audience at a local university the absurd story that we shouldn’t worry, that climate change isn’t happening and it’s just a plot by liberal scientists to get research money. Bachmann herself told us all not to worry too, that CO2 is “natural” and natural stuff can’t possibly hurt us (like deadly viruses, anthrax, mold, etc.) and everything will be OK as long as she’s in charge. It was appalling, and harmful to the public because she was aiding and abetting the pollutors and their actions. What did those same people do during the BP oil spill? They reassured us that everyone would be OK. . . and everything was not OK.

The public information session she conducted was 2 hours of unchallenged propaganda and disinformation paid for by the fossil fuel companies who send large chunks of money to her campaign and to Chris Horner’s Heritage Foundation. So, I now live in a section of the country where a large piece of the population doesn’t believe climate change is real and if it is, doesn’t believe that we are causing it. Thanks a lot, Rep. Bachmann.

So with a new project that will start soon, I want to do some rabble-rousing art about the science and facts of this and some other environmental issues.

I really want to undo some of the serious damage “the other Shelly” has caused to the effort to address climate change and the seriousness that topic deserves in this state and country, by doing more environmental art and getting it out there to the public. That is what I intend to do.

(I will have more information on this coming up in a few weeks.)