Imagine Color in July, in February


Imagine Color is a new art show in Little Falls, Minnesota. I have four watercolor paintings in this show; one brand new, one of Tulum Mexico that’s a couple of years old, and two from my previous group show at GRA (Art: Out of the Ordinary). Imagine Color is a show comprised of paintings by artist members of the Central Minnesota Watercolor group that I belong to.  The show is all watercolor paintings. I didn’t help hang this show but I saw most of the paintings as I was at the gallery taking down my previous show and dropping off two new paintings for it. The paintings I saw are beautiful and definitely worth your time to make the trip there and see them.

Above is our postcard for this show. The reception is February 15, 2014, from noon-2pm.  The GRA is right in downtown Little Falls, right up Hwy. 10 from Minneapolis — you can’t miss it.  If you need directions see their website.

The painting below is a new one of mine called “Roots”.  It’s actually a painting of summer, and of one of my favorite places in Minnesota in the summer, a state park in west-central Minnesota called “Glendalough”. It’s definitely my favorite state park in Minnesota because it looks just like where I grew up, in a place that’s a mixture of prarie and woods, near a lake. It’s got quite a history, including being a hunting lodge for politicians decades ago, before it became a state park. There is even a hunting dog cemetery there.

The lakes in this state park are clean and clear just like they were 100 years ago because boats are not allowed on the lake.


The tree itself was drawn with waterproof ink, because it’s basically a grey mass of roots, and it’s not really alive, though parts of it seemed to be. There is something about the way it looked that told me it wanted to be drawn in ink. The tree is like driftwood, and the lake is ringed with more of these driftwood-like trees, for some reason.

As I write this in the dead of winter and it’s about zero degrees outside, I sure wish I was at Glendalough State Park on the shores of Molly Stark Lake, walking in the sun, preferably in the heat of July.