Heaven and Earth Art Exhibit

My art exhibit titled Heaven and Earth is on display now through January 31st, 2018 in Powder Springs, Georgia. Many new paintings are included in this show, with astronomy and “space abstract” themes.

This art show reflects themes of earth, science and astronomy.
Starting out as an acrylic painter with a realist style, Shelly’s painting has transitioned into different territory. This has freed her up to pursue her own style of combining vibrant color and abstraction with realism, impressionism and socially relevant themes. Her watercolor paintings are of a more illustrative style, usually scenes of people, or places she has traveled.

Award-winning environmental artist Shelly Leitheiser presents “Heaven and Earth”, a display of paintings, at the SCAA satellite gallery in Powder Springs through the end of January. The satellite gallery is located in the municipal building at 4488 Pineview Drive in downtown Powder Springs. Hours are Monday – Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. Admission is free.

Shelly  is an environmental advocate as well as a fan of science and sci-fi. That is reflected in her paintings depicting science theories in abstract styles, such as “Albedo Effect” and “Erosion” which comment on climate change. Other paintings in the show comment on our place in the universe. Earth is seen as vulnerable in “Moon Over Roatan.”  She bridges the gap with her art between real and imagined landscapes by depicting both. The impressionist painting “Cumberland Horses” was based on Leitheiser’s photography from Cumberland Island. “World 21” imagines a world somewhere else, from her imagination.

Contact: greatpaintart@gmail.com

Contact in Powder Springs: Stephanie Aylworth

Phone at Powder Springs: 770-943-1666 ext. 345