Have You Seen Me?


This is an attempt to contact the woman who took this painting home, last seen at Art A Whirl in Minneapolis on May 18th.  I need to find you!  I had a problem using the Square app, as you know, since you watched me having trouble with it.  You should have checked your credit card statement when you got home, because it didn’t work and your payment did not go through. The painting is not paid for.   You took the painting but your card was not charged.  Square contacted you twice but will not give me your email address and you did not respond.  Please contact me immediately for payment options or to return the painting.  The painting does not belong to you until it is paid for.

If anyone sees this painting in a cabin ….or anywhere else . . . .  contact me immediately.

To users of the Square app in taking payments — beware, because it doesn’t always work!  I’m now checking into using Paypal Here which provides email addresses of your buyers so you don’t have to go through the ridiculous hoop jumping I’ve had to go through to get the email of the person who took this painting.  I still don’t have her email address, even though she typed it into my iPad, because Square encrypts it. Yes I should have written down her name and credit card number, just in case.

I can only conclude that Square is an app that benefits customers far more than it benefits the sellers and for that reason I won’t be using it any more.  During art fairs, etc., contact with customers is very brief, so it would be highly beneficial to have some way of contacting a customer after they have left with a painting or other item and paid electronically.  Paypal Here claims to provide sellers with this information and if so I would consider using that at this year’s art fairs.

I’m sorry this happened, but all kinds of things can go wrong, and do go wrong, with electronic payments.  I’m even considering accepting only cash in the future.