Hasta Luego, A Watercolor

HASTALUEGO_DetailThis watercolor is based on a photo I took in Honduras from the window of a moving bus.  What I liked about this scene is the mini story it told when I looked at it later.

The photo captured a micro-second of this couple’s life when they were probably saying goodbye to each other for the afternoon. The man is checking her out as they walk away from each other.  Or maybe she just said something funny.  Blowing up the photo I could see a smile on the man’s face, but not the woman’s, so maybe she was annoyed with him.  It’s pure speculation what they were thinking as they parted — he may have only been happy with himself.  It’s possible they were married, but it’s also possible they barely knew each other.

I like doing paintings of small snips of people’s lives where you can speculate what’s going on, and I like to keep the situation vague so people can make up their own stories.

The photos I take on trips are especially perfect for that purpose, as I’m often on a bus or in some other fast moving vehicle that someone else is driving, so I can take a lot of photos out the window.  The most interesting photo subjects I capture can’t be interviewed or followed up on because they are gone in an instant, and I sort of like that.

You can see this painting through June 8th at the Hopkins Center for the Arts.  I have two paintings in the spring member show and paintings will be judged for awards.  The show will remain open for public viewing, free of charge, during normal operating hours:  8am-8pm Monday-Friday; 10am-8pm Saturday; noon-5pm Sunday. The show is open through Saturday, June 8th.

While you are in the Minneapolis area you can also visit me during NEMAA’s Art A Whirl where I will be showing art at the Sheridan School in NE Minneapolis.