Generation A

This original painting is about the future, like a lot of my conceptual work. A girl runs on the beach and something in the distance goes off. Then another. It could be the end of world as we know it, and that makes her the first of a brand new generation, because she will be a survivor. The people who were careless are gone and now it’s up to a new generation, Generation A. Will they make the same mistakes?

This is an acrylic painting on stretched canvas. Colors are primarily tan and blue, seascape colors, with sunset and primary colors. It’s slightly textured and a bit bumpy here and there, as is typical with many acrylics.

A matted photo of this painting (8″ x 10″ approx.) is available for $25.00 + $5.00 shipping. Click below to order.

“Generation A” Print:

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“Generation A” Painting:

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Order a print, matted and framed, about 8″ x 10″:

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