Featured Paintings


I’ll be featuring paintings on this blog in order to give the back stories of certain pieces. It will also make this blog more interesting than it has been . . .  This month’s featured painting is “Nickajack Creek”. This is a new watercolor/pastel painting on paper of one of my favorite places, called the Silver Comet Trail. I go there to walk, and to walk my dog, and it is a singularly beautiful place in the middle of a city. When you are down by Nickajack Creek you will feel like you are miles out in the middle of nowhere. It’s very peaceful, and keeps me from missing the days of camping too much. (I used to go camping a lot but don’t since moving.)

This is a great place to get back in touch with nature, despite that some days the main trail is full of people and dogs. Just take the path down by the river and get away from it all.

This painting started out as a watercolor, but I needed added pastels to lighten up the leaves and add sun in the water, and more. Pastels are better than gauche for that, since they are opaque and don’t “disappear” into the watercolor, they lie on top of it . . . like sun on the water.