Environmental Paintings on Display

I am a part of two group shows in Sauk Rapids, both on environmental themes and sponsored by Universal Concepts Art.

Our group is exhibiting the current art show for one month at the Old Capital Tavern in Sauk Rapids. The two paintings I’m displaying there are Grey Wolf, and Penguin Struggle.

Art by Shelly Leitheiser
Penguin Struggle by Shelly Leitheiser

Penguin Struggle refers to the predicament the Arctic animals have of losing their habitats. In a few hundreds years or less, due to climate change, there will be no more ice in the Arctic, and penguins will completely lose their way of living and hunting. That will also be true of polar bears.

Adaption usually takes thousands of years, but because climate change is happening so fast, it is doubtful that most penguins will be able to adapt to it quickly enough to survive. As a result, many of them will go extinct.

The other painting, Grey Wolf, is about Minnesota wolves and how they are currently being hunted to a near-extinction situation. The grey wolf is a majestic creature, normally afraid of people, and not a normal food source for humans, so there is no reason to hunt them. Yet many permits are being given out to hunt and kill them for no valid reason. People kill them for sport, but I disagree that there is any sport in hunting an animal that is not armed, or able to outrun a bullet, or has any human use.

painting detail of Grey WolfThe wolf in my painting is asking us why this is allowed. I don’t have an answer.

More information on saving Minnesota’s wolves is here.

The painting I’m displaying at the dental clinic in Sauk Rapids (see our sponsor page) is called “Danta River Sentinels“.

DantaRiverSentinelsMEDThe painting depicts stacked rocks on the side of a river in Costa Rica, in the jungle. I visited Costa Rica in 2010.

Much of Costa Rica is still undeveloped and wild, and I would love to go back and visit and help make sure it stays that way.

Many countries like Costa Rica rely on eco-tourism, so over development would ruin that industry, so they have a definite interest in keeping the wild places wild.