Environmental Art Shows

PolarStruggle_SMWMThe painting above appeared in an art show in Minneapolis that had an environmental theme.  My painting “Polar Struggle” is about climate change and the melting Arctic. It is an acrylic painting 18″ x 24″ and framed.  When I lived in Minnesota, I co-founded an environmental art group that had exhibits around the central Minnesota area. The reference below is about an Environmental Art show that took place right before I moved from Minnesota to Georgia last year. It’s an excerpt from Around the Cloud:

“Universal Concepts Art, an environmental art group based in St. Cloud, Minnesota, is currently displaying art in 3 display cases at the St. Cloud River’s Edge Convention center. Our art appears in the two large display cases in the main section of the convention center and one display case in the new addition. You can see the art during regular business hours during weekdays and weekends at the convention center.

Recent art is being displayed by member artists . . . .  The art consists of paintings and 3D art, and varies widely in style and themes. The art contains messages about environmental issues. This display is currently up from March 28th, and will run for 6-8 weeks through May 2014. We will have this environmental art on display during the 2014 St. Cloud Sustainability Expo.”

It would be great to start another environmental art group in the Atlanta area (or join an existing one). I will be looking into that this summer. In Minnesota we were environmental activists in different ways, and expressed our love of and concern for the environment in our art work. If there are any artists interested in a group like that, in the meantime, you can contact me and we can discuss. (I do have a website called Ecoconcepts Art but it has not been active for awhile.)