Environmental Art

EROSION_MED_web2For anyone unfamiliar with an important  segment of my art work, I do a lot of what I consider environmental art. My online environmental art gallery is here.

You can also see some of it at Art of Impact. This type of art is very important to me, and has been for several years. I hope to increase awareness of environmental issues through doing this type of art.

I do lots of other type of art including my love of abstract and figure and portrait art, but I paint abstract landscapes and other types of landscapes primarily because of my interest in environmental issues. The main environmental issues I am concerned about are climate change and wildlife extinctions, and these issues come through in various ways in my art work.

Drought, storms, overwhelming pollution, etc. are seen in various paintings you can find in my environmental portfolio here.

Universal Concepts Art paintings at our previous shows in Minnesota have included abstracts, landscapes, small acrylics, big acrylics and even some art made of recycled belts. We express our environmental interests in different ways. (From now on, that group will be primarily exhibiting in shows on its website).

I’m also a member of WEAD, and some artists in that group make art literally out of dirt, water, stones, and recycled things. I usually stick to paint and drawings, myself.

Pictured above is Erosion, a painting I did a couple of years ago illustrating an extinct rhino, and a couple dancing obliviously (think California) while climate change is causing drought over the landscape.  This painting was featured in a WARM exhibit with another artist in St. Paul, Minnesota.