El Pilar Clearing

EL Pilar is a Mayan ruins site in North Western Belize (part of it looks over Guatemala) and this watercolor is a painting of a small area of it. The clearing was interesting because the sun created palm shadows on the ground. The ruins themselves were not as interesting as in other areas of Belize because most of them are half buried, but like most Mayan ruins sites in Belize, the process of excavation is on-going.

This particular park does not get many visitors because of its remote location. It’s a beautiful drive to this park from San Ignacio, but I remember the road as being the worst I’d ever traveled on, with repeated washed out areas, areas of rocks, giant ruts, and parts where it was hardly a road at all. Our rented 4-wheel drive vehicle barely made it.

Because the park is not often visited, the wildlife is very active. There were lots of monkeys in the trees and plenty of other creatures hiding among the trees too. Visually, the best part of the park is climbing up the hills to the vistas overlooking the treetops into Guatemala. And at the end of the park is this great long path lined by a tunnel of palm trees. That’s it below:

This painting El Pilar Clearing is available for prints on Artspan, and the original is also available. It was painted in August 2011, and is approximately 24″ x 27″.

Order the original: Ships to the continental US and central America only. $300.00 + $100 shipping and handling to the U.S. only — that price includes the mat and frame. See new shipping information under the “About” tab.

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You can also order a print in several sizes; from Artspan.