Domestication of the Cat

I’m going to go full speed ahead on environmental/endangered theme paintings in 2013.

This painting is called Domestication of the Cat, (2012, acrylic on canvas) and it signifies the desire of human beings to conquer nature and shape it to our will, and our failure to do that (even as we smugly believe we’ve accomplished that). People think they can tame wild animals, but they can’t, anymore than they can “tame” nature. Nature eventually tames us, despite our technology and intelligence.

This is just more of my artistic philosophy on the environment and where I’m going with art this year.
This disconnect is one reason why people are doing virtually nothing about environmental problems that we face today, because people seem to feel that nature exists to serve them and to be shaped by them. The woman in this painting looks fondly at the cat she envisions is at her command, “ruled” by her. In fact, the cat here is just waiting patiently until the women is not paying attention, at which point he will attack and probably eat her.