Directions for 2016


My painting is going in two primary directions in 2016. One will be mainly abstract, with an environmental theme of solar power, the sun, and astronomy. For art fairs and exhibits this year I will be displaying the variety of types of art I already do.  But I will also be doing something new and exciting this year, because I plan to get an Apple iPad Pro for digital painting. (I have experimented with Wacom tablets but I can’t get used to the interface of drawing on one surface and seeing the results on a screen on a desk. It’s just too weird. By drawing/painting directly on the screen of an iPad, it’s more like actually drawing and painting.)

I will be doing less art fairs this year but more online exhibits in series. I think online exhibits are going to be the place for art displays in the future. Websites already get a huge amount of interest from art collectors.

Scenes that I do with watercolor (like the new painting above, Girl in Copan, watercolor on paper, 16″ x 20″) I will continue to do, because I love watercolor. I just like paintings done from my photos, usually of people in scenes.

Happy 2016!