Daily Paintings from September

I attempted to participated in the daily painting challenge “30 Paintings in 30 Days” and below are my paintings. I had just moved into my new house in a new state, and had a lot to do with unpacking in September, so I didn’t actually paint every day. Some days I did two, some days none. I only finished about half of the paintings that other participants did, but I don’t feel bad about it at all. In fact I feel pretty good about it because it was an excellent way to get back to painting after all the massive work of moving from Minnesota to Georgia.

I think I (and probably all artists) should probably do some drawing or painting every day. Many people can’t of course, because being an artist is not a paying job for most artists, believe it or not.  And a lot of the work we do is in our heads, work like planning and reading and looking for reference material. When I had a studio in St. Cloud I did paint every day, but I was in a lot of shows and art crawls. Now I’m not doing that yet here in Georgia, but I hope to be in some local shows in 2014. And my studio is almost finished, so I’ll soon have a place to work in.