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How to Purchase my Art — Updated November 2015

SO how can you buy my art? I’m listing and selling art online in several places. I have a small online art shop of my own making at Little Art Shop. If you see anything here that you like, I can add it there so you can buy it directly. Email me  to add a painting you see here on that store’s page. I am also developing a new site with select paintings for sale called Fine Art South. I will post the address here when it’s ready to go.

Some of my artwork is on Houzz and VANGO. I am also adding artwork to Amazon’s new Handmade section, and my store on Amazon is here.

You can buy prints and other products of many sizes on my Fine Art America site. Only a small amount of my art is on that site, but if you see a painting you like here and would like a print of it, it is easy for me to add it there so you can get prints and other merchandise of that painting. Do not buy originals through them.

I can accept PayPal, which means you can use your credit card in a secure way.  If you see a painting here that you like and it is easier for you to just contact me directly and arrange a purchase, email me here.

I will also accept personal checks if you live in the Atlanta area.

Pricing is in US dollars. (Pricing does not include tax, and tax will be added to the art.) Shipping is extra, and if you live in Atlanta, I may be able to deliver the art to you, or you can pick it up to avoid shipping costs.

Some paintings are  framed and some are not, including some of the watercolors.The description should state whether it’s included, and if it doesn’t, please ask.

Acrylic paintings may or may not be framed. The deeply cradled ones (2″ sides) are not framed unless you request it. Gallery wrapped canvases do not need to be framed.

Return Policy:  If you are unsatisfied with the painting, you have 10 days to return it, (you pay shipping to return it and it has to be in new condition as it was shipped).  No one has ever returned one of my paintings.

Please feel free to contact me with questions including price or availability.

The easiest way to purchase what you see on Leitworks.com is to Email me

I am easy to reach and will get back to you as soon as possible. 

More ways to purchase my art:

Maybe for you the easiest way is to send me an email and tell me which painting (original) you want, or commission a custom-made painting.  I can also do custom-made cards and prints.

Other websites where my art work can be directly purchased online include the Xanadu Gallery of Scottsdale, Arizona;  Fine Art America, Zibbet,  and Saatchi Gallery.  And Vango. And Artspan.
Original art by Shelly Leitworks on Vango

You can also buy prints below.

  Other ways to Buy

If you want cards  of any original works  you see on this site, just Email me and I will make you a 5″ x “7 card (with envelope) myself on my printer.  All cards are $4.00 + 1.99 shipping and you can pay me in advance with Paypal.  Occasionally my work is in shows or galleries  and you can buy my work there, and if so it will be listed on the Events page. Finally, you can buy my artwork  at art fairs  that I participate in during the summer. See my events page for when these are coming up. Check my Events page for details on 2016 art fairs.

*Final note: Please include your name and city when contacting me! Thank you for your interest in my artwork and feel free to Email me with any questions!