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Shelly Leitheiser, American Contemporary Artist

I’m a native Minnesotan, and in July, 2014 I moved to Atlanta, Georgia.  I love to paint and draw and I’m a natural-born artist. I studied art in college for 4+ years, (and got a scholarship for illustration while in high school) and I have been painting and making art for several decades.

I have always been an artist and it’s always been my identity. My art speaks for itself, which is why I avoid posting a resume here.  I have exhibited my art in several solo shows in Minnesota, where I lived until last summer. I have exhibited steadily in two-person, three-person, and in group art shows for many years, literally right up until the week I moved across the country. I was also in a lot of art fairs in the last 3 years, and hope to do participate in some of them in the Atlanta area.

Recently, my art has been moving from mostly realism, where most artists start out, to abstraction and expressionism, or a combination of all of those. You might see some of that progression in my recent work. I love abstract painting for it’s freedom and emphasis on color and motion.

I’m so happy to be in Georgia with it’s abundance of art opportunities and galleries and museums. I’m a huge art appreciator and arts supporter as well as being an artist.

I have never sought out residencies, I have never been a teaching artist and I don’t do public art demonstrations mostly because I’m an introvert but also because I’d rather be painting. Therefore I’m not planning any solo shows, except online and in art fairs, for now. But online shows reach the world!  And I am in several galleries online. You will find my art work in many online galleries like AbsoluteArts, Saatchi, Xanadu Gallery, ArtSpanFine Art America, Vango, and more. Locally I have been exhibiting in juried shows with the Atlanta Arts Center and South Cobb Arts Alliance.

My art has been published in books, book covers, and in magazines. I’m not going to list all of that, I’d rather focus on why I make the art that I make, because in the end that is more interesting than specific accomplishments. I don’t do art to win awards. Most of my art is somewhat activist in nature. I like to tell a story with my paintings, or post a question, and confront people. The questions are broad, like, “How do you feel about this? Does it mean anything to you”?

I am a working artist but I am also a person with many interests in issues and causes, and have blogged for years on those things. On my lists of interests are politics and science, mostly climatology, environmental science, and astronomy. Eventually, my goal and my dream is to have my own art gallery that focuses on science-based art work, to educate the public on climate change and other environmental issues.  This dream gallery would be powered 100% by solar power. This is my ultimate art goal. I feel that the public would get behind environmental actions more enthusiastically if they knew more about the environmental and health issues we face, and art is a good communicator and conversation starter.

I also have enjoyed adventures in central America, where the Mayans lived, and have been to many of their ruins sites. These have influenced a lot of my art too.

I will be posting more about upcoming  and long term projects later.  For now, please visit Art of Impact and Eco Concepts Art.

And of course I’d like you to buy some of my art. I’m working on ecommerce here on my website and have some of it working, if not all.  You are welcome to test it by supporting my artwork and buying some art.

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I also do web design for artists and would be happy to do your website design for you. Just use the contact form here to request more information.

February 2, 2015