Benton County Fair and Art of Impact

Sky Man painting by Shelly LeitheiserTwo weeks ago I participated in an art exhibit where I was showing several paintings.  This took place at the local county fair. It was a big success because our small environmental art group was able to be present at this large exhibit, which was in the Educational Building at the Benton County fair, every day. Hundreds of people stopped by and we were able to talk to them about what we were doing and about our art.

Other people in the same building were not able to do that. Since it was our group’s World ut art exhibit, we were definitely excited to be there and we did get quite a bit of attention. Some of us sold some art, but that really wasn’t the point. The goal of this exhibit was to raise awareness of the issues we care about, and we did accomplish that with those who visited our exhibit.  You can see this exhibit in full on the website for this group, Artists United for Universal Concepts.

The mission is to raise awareness of climate change, and other very important environmental issues via an ongoing art exhibit and public education campaign through a new gallery.  I ‘m hoping to acquire a permanent artist headquarters for this project in my city.  My plan is to set up a studio for myself where I can work on environmental art for the gallery (and other galleries) and to provide space for exhibits for educational/science based art by others too.  The website for this project is  I really need support for this art vision so I hope everyone reading this can help!  There is no way I can do this alone.

These issues are under most peoples’ radar.

The nationwide movement is to do things on these issues at a local level, and that is being doing to a small extent, but we need faster, bigger awareness of all of these things. I feel that a good way to reach out to people is through art!  Art and music are great common denominators with people and a great way to open up a conversation about things that really matter, without getting too “preachy” about issues that some consider political, even if they aren’t.  My art will be and currently is inspired by science, and even science is under fire these days.  I’m hoping art can help bridge some divides in peoples’ relationships with facts and science and that it will have an impact on public policy, down the road.

Help out this effort here or at  Donations are tax deductible!