Atlanta Arts Award


Since I recently moved to the Atlanta area, I have joined a couple of arts organizations. One of the most active appears to be the Atlanta Artists Center, with about 500 members, monthly meetings and lots of shows in their gallery in the Buckhead area of Atlanta. This is one of the well-known arts districts of Atlanta. They are a non-profit, but own their very lovely gallery and arts center outright so they have complete control over the gallery and arts center.

ShellyAwardAtlantaWEBI entered a show there in November, the first art show I entered in Atlanta, and won an Honorable Mention award for my acrylic painting Floral Ocean Splash.

All of the art in the “Little Gems” show had to be small and $300 or less, so Floral Ocean Splash is a big bargain at only $195. Unlike the big for-profit galleries, the arts center supports artists and does not take 50% of the sale prices, so I encourage you to go there and see this art exhibit, and buy some art work!

And if you are an arts lover, please donate to the arts on Georgia Gives day (or donate any day) so all non-profit arts groups can keep operating and enriching the lives of everyone.