Art Sites that Sell Art will soon be a place where you can buy my paintings directly, but I also like to let other websites do that for me. I started out selling online with my own website in 1996, when it was much easier because few people had websites back then! People found my art website more easily because there weren’t millions of them. I did no promotion of my art website in 1996-1998 and still people found it and bought art from it. Things have certainly changed. Now, there are so many art websites, it’s easy to get lost and never have anyone find your site unless you spend a lot of time and money promoting it. So I started using online “galleries” to try to sell our art, such as That was the best art seller I have found so far, and the friendliest, but unfortunately they closed and disappeared after only a few years online. Then I tried various other sites, such as Saatchi Gallery, EBSQ,, etc. I found they wee not as artist-friendly as Boundless Gallery was. Of course I considered Facebook, and I have a few things there, but you can’t sell from there directly, you can only promote your work. Facebook is never going to be an artist’s best place to sell art work, versus their own site.

Recently I read an article about selling art online that instructed artists to definitely sell your art from your own website, so that is my intention. But transforming a website into a gallery that sells for you is a long, time consuming, involved process. Meanwhile I found Daily Paintworks. I just started to add artwork to that site and as with all websites you upload art work to, it takes awhile. But DPW looks like a winner and most importantly it looks like they actually promote real fine art (not Etsy-craftsy stuff, thank you very much) and are artist-friendly.

So until I get this site’s selling ability up and running, you can buy my artwork directly on a few different sites. Not all of them will be mentioned in this post, but you can find a few things now at Daily Paintworks, like this painting, Inevitable Inferno.

I also have a lot of artwork for sale on Fine Art America where you can buy prints and cards too. I am not able to make and sell my own prints over the size of 11′ x 17″ but I can make prints up to that size for any paintings you see here.

One word on some of these websites: For those of you who are thinking… but Etsy is so widely known and Etsy does sell fine art… why not use them? Because people don’t go there to buy fine art. They go there to buy clothes, jewelry, crafts, and “vintage” stuff. For fine art, do you really think collectors go to Etsy? If you are a collector of fine art who goes to Etsy for that, contact me and I’ll correct this post, but I seriously doubt any art collectors check out Etsy. And what most artists want is collectors and to be taken seriously for their work.

That said, I do have a few things on Etsy and if people find my little shop there (which contains jewelry items mostly) I’ll be happy as can be. But I’m not going to put my larger paintings there and I’m not even going to promote it, at least not at this time.