Art Show Reception in Atlanta

"Lubaantun" watercolor.
“Lubaantun” watercolor.

My painting Lubaantun was juried into a show at the Atlanta Artists Center. The show will run through December. Come to the reception and buy some art!

Lubaantun is a Mayan ruins site near Punta Gorda, Belize. I went there in November 2012 and it’s a very zen site. It was nearly deserted and given the age of the ruins (1200 years old and older) there was a weird sort of time travel sense to the place. It was hard to describe. Lubaantun means “Falling Rocks” in Mayan and the ruins are uniqe in the sense that the structures were made without mortar of any kind (unlike most Mayan ruins sites) so over time, the rocks have fallen, shifted, and moved quite a bit. Behind the site is a small river in the woods, down the hill away from the structures.  At one time this was the water source for the city’s inhabitants. The painting is of a scene in this small river area, which has lots of time-polished rocks and mini waterfalls. Beyond this small river is the jungle.

We had a crazy trip back to Punta Gorda from these ruins, nearly got lost out in the wilderness, were driven to a bus stop by some mostly-drunken locals, and maybe some day I’ll write that story down. The ruins site was nothing but pleasant however. My photos of nearby scenes are below.

Jungle by Lubaantun, Belize
Jungle near Lubaantun, Belize


"Falling Rocks" Mayan ruins (Lubaantun)
“Falling Rocks” Mayan ruins (Lubaantun)


Punta Gorda, Belize, a place I would love to live. I could develop an environmental art gallery here.
Punta Gorda, Belize. This is one place where I would love to live. I could develop an environmental art gallery here . . . among other things.

(All photos copyright Shelly Leitheiser)