Art of Impact

Art of Impact logoI’m so happy that I finally got my environmental art project Art of Impact up and running on both Fractured Atlas and Rocket Hub.  My crowdfunding just launched today!

Think of this art project as the necessary response to Michele Bachmann, James Inhofe, et al., and all the climate change deniers and anti-science politicians we have in Washington.  This project is one possible, powerful response to the damage they have done.

Climate change deniers, polluters, and people who are cavalier about destroying the environment and endangering animals piss me off. This project is an outlet for that anger, turning it into a 100% positive art project! 

The goal is to raise awareness and get the public to support environmental issues and action on climate change, to force our representatives in Washington to act. Read the project details for more information!

To top it off, Michele Bachmann is my so-called “representative” in Congress, so that makes this project even more meaningful to me.

Please check out Art of Impact and support this project if you can. I have a lot of noble plans for this and hope to help the environment by raising awareness about many environmental issues, not just climate change.  I’m re-starting my environmental podcast, “Impact Files” for this project also. I will link to that here when it starts again.

I consider my recent environmental art that I have done, and that I will do next, the most important art work I have ever done. Not that my art was ever really ‘important’, but now it really has the potential to help make positive change happen.  This is a non-profit project. I’m doing it because I think it needs to be done.