Art of Impact Sponsored

Red Stormscape

I’m happy to announce that I have gotten fiscal sponsorship through Fractured Atlas for my art project “Art of Impact”.  Fractured Atlas is a 501(c)3 that helps artists get funding for their projects. Art of Impact is something I’ve been formulating in my mind for about a year and it has finally come together.  See the profile page for the project here.

I have a long history of writing and producing media about the environment and climate change and now I’m finally going to move forward with what is another important aspect of that work.  It’s now a visual art effort.  This project is in the very beginning stages right now, just as I submitted it, but there will be a lot more coming.

I have set up a basic website, Art of Impact, and there is not much on it yet, but there will be.  There will also be a Facebook page, and I will keep the most important updates covered on this website too.  It’s all about art for understanding these issues; art for educating, art for raising awareness.  I hope that awareness will translate something people can use to get motivated about to help us solve these really enormous climate and environmental problems we’re facing.

No, my regular art and this art website will not go away, these are staying here as is, and my schedule of art fairs this year will remain the same. Next year that will be cut back though so I can focus on this.

Yes, this project will take some money and that is why you will see this donate button.  It’s might be small, but it’s powerful.

Donate now!