Art Crawl St. Cloud!

Summer Dynamics. I hope to  display this painting Friday night during the Art Crawl!
Summer Dynamics. I hope to display this painting Friday night during the Art Crawl!

I will be at the Falcon Bank in St. Cloud with art work for sale this Friday night, March 21st, from 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm. during the famous St. Cloud ART CRAWL.  Address: 1010 W Saint Germain St # 150 , Saint Cloud, MN. The Falcon Bank is a great art crawl host and they always have a nice spread of appetizers and beverages for everyone.

I will be in the atrium area with a few other artists, and we’ll all have our art work on display and for sale. Since I am moving in a couple of months (or less) I strongly encourage you to stop by and buy some of my art work because I’ll probably be taking most of it with me and then you’ll never see it again (except online).  And since I’m moving, it’ll also be for sale at reduced prices. I will have watercolors, acrylics, and both medium size and small paintings. Stop by and see all the artists during the art crawl, but make sure you don’t miss the art at the Falcon Bank.

A fun bit of trivia . . . I used to work in the Falcon Bank building, back when it housed the S&L called “Security Financial”.  I worked in the Marketing department as a “coordinator” which means I did everything from design to scheduling to planning.  The bank looks exactly the same on the outside, but now it’s completely changed inside of course. Back when it was the bank I worked for, the bank itself took up four floors. I worked on the 4th floor and then down on the 2nd floor where marketing and accounting used to be. The bank now is only on one floor. It’s strange to be back in the building these days for me, but it’s a beautiful place and a very welcoming place to display art during the art crawls. This will probably be my last art crawl in St. Cloud so again I encourage you not to miss it!