Art Crawl, Moving

You can see two of my paintings in the Bread and Circus show at GRAA in downtown Little Falls, until the end of July, 2012. (pictures to come) They are two 12″ x 24″ very colorful acrylic paintings on panels. One is political, the other looks like I dreamed it, and maybe I did.

The Art Crawl in June was disappointing, for many reasons. The crowds were OK, not as good as in past art crawls, and you can blame that on the weather, but the weather was actually very nice, so I don’t know what to blame it on. There were no sales, the first time that has happened in a year. I got lots of oooohs and ahhhhhs, and other compliments, and promises from others to get in touch later, but no one has. The economy is quite bad in this area and it has sucked a lot of the joy out of the air, among other things.

The artist next door to me didn’t show up at all, but she did call several times during the art crawl to tell me she was leaving any minute now, and how only mothers know how to multi-task, and all the details of her dog’s illnesses. It has been a real challenge to be next door to a person who doesn’t respect my time or my work and barges into my brain with the intimately-detailed medical issues of everyone in her family, including her dog. These monologues have sometimes gone on for hours and obviously, there is not a creative molecule left in my mind after they are over.

Combine that with sporadic random drumming and electric guitar feedback from directly overhead, and it’s been a tough year to be calmly creative, or even non-calmly creative. In fact, the building as a whole is not well suited to creativity or the making of art, so for those and other reasons, I’m moving out August 1st. I feel like I have no choice and have to escape with my sanity and energy while there is still time. At the moment I’m almost crushed with frustration over not being able to work there when I want to. So I’ve been working at home. And you know how that goes.

If you would like to donate to my new studio fund (the studio I haven’t found yet) please donate on the right. I can’t afford much of anything but a storage space right now the way things are, so I don’t know what’s to become of my studio situation.

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