Apologies to the Bear

New painting!

This is a polar bear, one of my favorite creatures, appearing lost and alone on the tundra of what looks like the plains of the American Midwest.

This painting is acrylic on canvas, 24″ x 18″, and does not need framing as it is gallery wrapped.

How did the bear get there? The question really is, how did there get to the bear? Here’s the explanation. Our earth is warming up and our landscapes are changing. Every gardener knows this, especially those in the North. Polar bears are now endangered animals, because they are losing their cold icy habitat, both due to man and due to climate change and the melting of the Arctic. Gradually, polar bears and other Arctic wildlife are also losing their ability to feed themselves and reproduce. Read more about this here.

We don’t know what a total loss of ice would mean exactly for the polar bear, seals, penguins, etc. but it won’t be pleasant for them. As climate change is man-made, I painted this stark future reality with an apology in the title. The scene actually is based on a photo of Minnesota now, but will probably be how the land near the Arctic will look some day, and it won’t be that far off. Caribou are also at risk, and that will be the next painting I post here.

Apologies to the Bear
is $450 for purchase, not including shipping costs. If you are interesting in owning it, use the contact form here and I will send you an email or Paypal invoice.