Anti-War Art Article from the Past

Believe it or not, I used to do quite a bit of “Anti-war art” as a genre. I even ran an online anti-war art gallery that was quite popular for several years. This was mostly during the Bush presidency years when there was a quite large anti-war art movement in the United States (what happened to that, BTW?) and many regular protests and other activity going on. I don’t know what happened to all of that anti-war activity. But after several years of being involved in that, I stopped doing anti-war art because it began to seem totally futile, and there is a new even more dangerous threat to the human race than war, and that is environmental challenges. That is where much of my art is focused these days.

Back when I was living in Minnesota, a journalist came to one of my art shows and we talked about my “issue” art. She wrote up quite a nice article about my anti-war art for a Twin Cities publication. I just re-discovered the article tonight and thought it would be a good idea to preserve it on my website because who knows how long it will stay there. It was written in 2012 for the Twin Cities Planet.

Antiwar art: An idea whose time has come — again