An Artist Between Homes

Purple Iguana Detail

My moving-across-the-country plan is going much more slowly than I anticipated. My new house deal/offer fell apart after an inspector pointed out some major problems in it, like that it’s being eaten by various critters, and worse.  Our moving is delayed at least another month, so it’s hard to say whether my solo show at the Waite Park library is my last show in the central Minnesota area or not. It’s a certainty that I will not be in this year’s Art A Whirl or any more art fairs in Minnesota. That’s all I know.

My art show at the Waite Park library is comprised of mostly 12″ x 24″ paintings that fit well on their walls, so it’s a random show of paintings that I knew would look good together.

I might end up giving away much of my art work by moving time, but I hope it doesn’t come to that. I am optimistic and think my best work is ahead of me so I’m not all that concerned about what will happen to what I have stored here in Minnesota. The best things will be traveling south with me anyway.  Despite what some people think of artists, many of us do know what is our best work and we can judge that for ourselves.  Though I do admit that is not a skill all artists share I’m sure I’m very good at doing that . . .

See this link for more on the  Waite Park Library.

I have a lot of art for sale that you can see on the Fine Art America website, and on Absolute Arts, and on Rise Art, and on Zatista. Just search for my name.

Above is Purple Iguana, 12″ x 24″ and below is Orange Galaxy, 12″ x 12″.


For any sales inquiries, email me at greatpaintart @