Alexandria Art Fair

One Morning in San Ignacio

I’m very excited to be in the Alexandria, MN, Art in the Park art fair this year.  The dates are July 27-28.  I’ve never been a part of it but I did visit it last year and it seems like a very well attended art fair with a lot of quality art and crafts.  There is also a great selection of food.

The last art fair I was in was at Munsinger Gardens in St. Cloud. That is a beautiful setting, but the day was humid and in the mid-90s and I think I eventually got heat exhaustion, along with a lot of the visitors to the park.  It was miserably hot.  This weekend, July 27-28 during the art fair it is supposed to be in the mid-70s, which is cooler than normal for July but I’ll take it. Better that than horribly hot! So since the weather is going to be great, we are more likely to have good attendance.

I have several new paintings to show people and new designs on cards.  The website for the art fair with all the important information is here. There is also a map so you won’t get lost.

The painting on top is called “One Morning in St. Ignacio”.  It’s a watercolor scene based on a photo I took in San Ignacio, Belize.   The girl in the dress is a Mennonite.  Many Mennonites live in the San Ignacio district, and they are farmers and furniture makers, and they come into the town for the daily produce market, which also sells lots of other things. I may or may not bring this painting to the art fair depending on what I can fit in the van. I always think twice about bringing glass just due to the number of things that can go wrong, so some day soon I hope to replace all my glass with plexiglass so I feel safer traveling with these paintings. With acrylic paintings of course there is no glass so I’m more likely to take those with me.