Unique Unusual Paintings and Photography


I’m a visual artist now living and working in Atlanta, Georgia.  I lived most of my life in Minnesota, but also lived in the San Francisco area about five years. I’m primarily a painter, and a visual artist in other media too, but mainly I do acrylic and watercolor painting. I cover a lot in my work, such as abstract, expressionism, portraits, abstract landscapes, and scenes of daily life, mostly from other countries. Doing artwork about wildlife and the environment is also very important to me.

I’m a formally trained artist, but I work and learn on a continual basis. I was driven to paint, draw, and make art from a very early age. My earliest paintings were done in acrylic and later I learned watercolor methods while at the University of Minnesota.  I’m a believer in learning by doing so I paint as often as I can.

I’m a member of many art organizations and have exhibited my artwork steadily for the last two decades. I’m recently a part of several juried art fairs in Georgia and you can usually find me at one in the summer, showing a variety of paintings.

I am currently working on an awesome website where you can purchase paintings at affordable prices. I believe fine art should be available for ownership to regular people. You should not have to win the lottery before you can afford to buy quality art. Stay tuned to this website: Fine Art South and I will announce it here and on Facebook and Twitter when it is ready to go.

Commissions: Do you have a favorite photo or subject you would like a real work of art to be made from? Just contact me and I’ll be happy to turn your ideas or favorite photos into art.