Weather Inspires Paintings


Extreme weather is inspiring to me!

I’ve always liked painting the sky, especially stormy skies. Then, several years ago I began reading about climate change and how increasing heat is fueling stronger storms.

Even the EPA, probably the most conservative environmental group predicting stronger storms from climate change, says we’ll all be living with wilder weather from now on.

“Heavy precipitation events will likely be more frequent. Heavy downpours that currently occur about once every 20 years are projected to occur about every four to 15 years by 2100, depending on location. . . . “

After learning that and more,  the way our atmosphere looked and acted took on a different meaning to me, and created a different type of inspiration. My paintings took on a “hotter” appearance for awhile, and I painting a lot of yellow and orange landscapes, even using yellow for skies.

As weather events became more extreme, my paintings with skies began to look more ominous. Then I started painting storms and tornadoes.

Recently my atmospheres became so chaotic they were abstract, like the acrylic painting on the left. I’m not sure what it means, but I’ll let it speak for itself.

Now, many of my paintings contain these chaotic abstract backgrounds, and they don’t just represent the skies, but wild weather, and the environment in general.

I may not be able to do much about climate change by myself, but I hope that my paintings can help raise awareness, and that everyone acting together can make a difference.